About Plant Decommissioning:


PD Design Group, commonly referred to as Plant Decommissioning or just PD, was founded to augment field machining operations with equipment designs, machine building, and quick turnaround fabrication and machining support. Over the years, Plant Decommissioning has grown to become specialists in reactor vessel segmentation, additionally offering project management, planning, and technical staff augmentation to organizations in the nuclear decommissioning industry. Our mission is to complement the efforts of prime contractors, not to compete with their on-site services.

Our staff has the management, design, and fabrication experience to support the segmentation and packaging of reactor vessels, core barrels, and reactor internals. We have a proven history of excellence the following areas:

  • Nuclear Power Generation & Maintenance
  • Nuclear Decommissioning
  • Design of Nuclear Power Plant Repair Equipment
  • Design of Nuclear Decommissioning Equipment
  • Construction of Robotic and Remote Field Machining Equipment
  • Development of Plans and Procedures for Nuclear Repair and Decommissioning

With extensive manufacturing resources and decades of field experience in both operating and decommissioning nuclear power stations, Plant Decommissioning can be relied on for practical, user-friendly equipment that is easy to operate and maintain in the field, as well as Engineering, Staffing, and Equipment Qualification and Maintenance procedures.

Portable or field-ready machines offer unique challenges in harsh environments which are not understood by the automation or machine building community outside the power industry. Plant Decommissioning has deployed remotely operated MDM systems, welding machines, and a vast variety of special application and custom built cold cutting machines. As time passes and technologies develop, Plant Decommissioning continues to build on years of nuclear experience, integrating lessons learned in the field with new technologies in the industrial arena to create the best equipment possible.