Reactor Decommissioning History
revised 2010-02-22


Shippingport was a commercial PWR power reactor. It had a generating capacity of 72 MWe (sources also state 60MWe and 90MWe). Startup was in 1957 and shutdown was in 1982. This was a pressurized light-water breeder reactor of Westinghouse design.

Dismantlement of the facility began in September 1985. In December 1988 the 956-ton vessel assembly was removed from the containment building.

Reactor Decommissioning Specifics

Internals Removal

Reactor Vessel Removal
First application of "one-piece removal" of a reactor pressure vessel. In all previous dismantlement work, vessels were segmented (such as Elk River). The Shippingport reactor vessel was shipped off site (to Washington state) as a whole.

Segmentation and Packaging Plan (S&P Plan)
Plan unknown.

Key People

General Electric (GE).

The reactor was conceived for two uses in mind: prototype for commercial power generation and for powering aircraft carriers.
Notable comment from an 1984 ANS paper: "One of the most promising of the new decommissioning techniques planed for use at Shippingport is one-piece removal of the reactor pressure vessel".

Related Publications and Documents
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