Planning and Engineering


Plant Decommissioning brings a host of engineering services to your project, including:

  • Segmentation and Packaging Plans
  • Cutting Method Evaluations
  • Equipment Design (mechanical, electrical, hydraulic)
  • Equipment Programming
  • Division of Responsibility Break Downs
  • Scheduling
  • Organization Flow Charts


At Plant Decommissioning we have significant operating and decommissioning plant experience, which makes us uniquely qualified to support our clients’ engineering needs.  Our Engineers have designed projects that have been successfully implemented all over the world.  With extensive experiences with EDM, MDM, water jet, plasma, oxy-acetylene, diamond wire, and mechanical cutting, there is no challenge to big or too small.

As an innovative leader in the nuclear industry, we are committed to staying on top of emergent technologies and processes both within the nuclear industry and the industrial automation industry.  Our engineering team has been recruited for both nuclear and non-nuclear applications.  We believe the best machine designs are developed by exploring a problem from a multitude of angles with a group that presents solutions based on varied backgrounds.