You need the right people to succeed.  We can help.


No matter how you look at it, nuclear work is a unique and challenging field.  The best workers are those that have walked the walk.  It is essential that you have the proper personnel in place to have a successful project. 

Plant Decommissioning is a leading provider of qualified staffing for the nuclear industry.  We can provide experienced Project Managers, Supervisors, Project Engineers and Equipment Operators for your project.  All of our personnel have experience in containment and many have provided leadership and specialized expertise to the decommissioning industry.

Our people have worked outages, repairs and upgrades to technology on both PWRs and  BWRs.  They have performed Steam Generator Replacements, Thermal Shield Repairs, Up-Flow Modifications and RTD Upgrades with Bypass Piping Removal.  In addition, we recently provided staffing support for GTCC characterization and loading at Zion Station and are currently providing GTCC oversight at SONGS.

 Your project is unique, but our knowledgeable professionals can bring you piece of mind.   We have handled and can handle any problem or situation that comes up.  Plant Decommissioning professionals bring ideas and solutions for solving the most complex problems.

We know that success isn’t based on the number of hands on the project, but on matching the right knowledge and skills with the challenges you face.

It doesn’t end there.

We stay connected to ensure our staff is meeting expectations, and that you maintain the right team as the schedule unfolds.

Focus on your core business and let our experts help with the rest.